Energizer Bunny?

OD is deathly slow again tonight for me, taking forever to load each page.  I wonder if it works better on a computer?  I’ve been using my phone.  Tomorrow I will switch.

Yesterday and today I stayed below my WW points.  I haven’t done that in a month, probably longer!  I have to remember how good it makes me feel.  I’ve also been listening to Abraham-Hicks while walking the dog.  She’s a great inspirational healer type person.  I just search her on YouTube and put in my AirPods.  Another thing I haven’t been doing is testing my sugars, and I did the last two days.  They are in the normal range.  I’m so glad.  Now I have to be better about taking my morning meds.  I end up taking them all at night, which isn’t optimal.
I haven’t been lazy the last two days either.  I’ve been able to keep myself going pretty good.  Still not getting tons done, but it’s better than sitting on the couch for hours watching Real Housewives.  I tend to do that, with no energy, totally exhausted, even when I sleep well.
I think the fact I’m moving soon is helping me to keep my energy up a bit.  Lots to do is an understatement!

gotta get to sleep.  If anyone is reading, pleasant dreams – or good morning!

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