Movin’ On….Sideways?

Awake since six.  I’d like that to be when I wake up anyhow, but I’m not that early of a riser yet.  Thinking about my néw apartment.  Trying to figure out how I can fit anything in it because it’s so tiny.  It’s gonna be cute.  I’ve had to give/throw away so much stuff.  And nearly all my furniture in my current place is riddled with termites.  Thanks for not taking care of that situation fukin’ landlord.
We decided not to go to Shane’s parents for Thanksgiving.  Partly due to Covid but mostly because of the move.  It’s a long story I don’t have time to write about now, but we are moving into separate apartments.  We don’t want to, we love each other and have lived together for 15 years, but, well, okay, I guess I am writing about it.  I’m handicapped and was accepted for an income based fully accessible place.  I’m on disability and my rent will be 30% of my very low income.  The agency does have units for couples, but there are income ceilings, and Shane makes too much to qualify.  So, he luckily found an apartment just a block from mine.  It’s not ideal, we will miss our current spacious, private, place with the great porch, a block from the ocean and the dog park.  Where we built a home.  But there were bad aspects too, mainly it’s falling apart and a hazard for me.  So it’s time to go.  Time for change.



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Good luck with the moving!

November 25, 2020

Good luck to you and Shane! Sometimes change is good- I hope the best for you both!