At War With Cancer: Part 6 The New Me

Ok. We’ve made it to after my major surgery. What an ordeal! And now my story continues…


I hate hospitals. And when I say that, I really mean I hate hospitals! I guess I hate them more after having to live in one for 2 months. Nothing on TV. I must have watched every episode of Ridiculousness ever made, twice. And the food! Ugh… their was one dish worth eating and I had it at every meal; chicken teriyaki. I mean, it’s bad enough we’re in a hospital. Can’t we get some steak?


The recovery following my surgery was very hard and truly intense. My legs would no longer hold me up because I had lost so much weight and didn’t walk for 2 months. To make matters worse, my doctors couldn’t figure out how to control my pain. After I left the hospital, I found out the medicine they were giving me in the hospital for pain control was just coming out in my ostomy bag. So I wasn’t getting any relief from it! And the doctors and nurses just never knew!


Eventually, I was released to a skilled nursing facility to help with my walking and wound care. The facility was Good Samaritan Rehabilitation Center in Puyallup WA. I can’t believe I thought my hospital stay was so bad! This place was absolutely the worst therapy center! When I left the hospital, Dr. E gave me specific instructions on how to care for my wounds and he asked me to show the nurses how to do it. However, they wouldn’t listen to me. They pushed me too hard on days when I just couldn’t move and one girl told me to stop crying and suck it up! I actually started to feel like a zoo exhibit! People would come in my room and lift my blankets and gawk at my wounds without even asking if it was ok! Then, I found out this rehab was for people with traumatic brain injuries! They had no idea how to take care of my wounds! After a week of this, I actually called Dr. E’s office. He called me back personally and I lost it. I started crying so hard I don’t know how he understood me. But he calmed me down. He told me if I could clean my own wounds, I could go home. That became my first goal. I started trying to sit every day to prepare for a shower. Then another blow. The rehab said they wouldn’t release me until I could walk a little. Now I was determined not to stay in this place longer than two weeks. I pushed harder than ever before and began walking and showering for myself! Finally, I was leaving the hospitals and going home!


I’m gonna leave you here, but I’ll be back asap to continue the story. We’re almost at present day, yay! Thanks to all for following and learning a bit about my awful disease!



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January 30, 2022

I can’t believe you weren’t sent to a wound care facility.  It sounds so awful having to be there.  Good for you for pushing yourself and getting out of there.  It certainly sounds like you can take better care of yourself than what they were doing.

January 31, 2022

I’m sorry all this happened to you. After doing battle with my doctor’s office and a surgeon’s, I am hard pressed to say anything good about the healthcare system in this country.