im not the best at venting or telling people how i feel because it always backfires… for almost 2 years now ive been living with someone ive loved since 2012, we share one kid together and he’s my world.. my sons father keeps telling me he doesnt want a relationship but yet i constantly see him texting and sending pics to other women.. it makess me cry and i feel this sharp cold pain in my heart.. is this normal? when i confront him it just turns into an argument and then he thinks everything is just ok after… i dont wanna leave bc i have nowere to go with my 2 kids and i love him dearly but im starting to think its my fault.. im the PROBLEM­čśú

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He wants it all but not commitment to 1 woman and child. You love a man that is obviously cheating on you? What would you think of a friend in such a situation? Oh he is cheating on me but I love him for being a shit. You feel trapped. His arguments are denial. Turning things around and pointing the finger at you which is a common trick some try to do. Politicians often do it. I have seen this situation before with others. “Projection” is the psych term for it. They project at others what they are doing in error. Trying not to be the focus of the attention. Turning it around. You are probably seen as a useful servant while he goes out and has fun. I am sorry you are in such a painful situation.

June 9, 2021

I agree with OkBoomer above. It’s not you. He’s just not wanting the commitment.┬á