And so…

Today it’s supposed to rain, but that’s ok by me. I actually like the rain… it’s soothing… ooh and even a possibility of a t-storm! [have a link]l

I’m just quietly listening to a chickadee sing outside my window. There are woodpeckers here as well as robins and crows. I am getting hungry… did I tell you that I have drastically cut processed sugar out of my diet. I hope this helps my diabetes a lot.

I will have the money for the computer very soon. Today is church for some of the ladies here. Some will watch The Church of the Rock, and others will attend a Zoom worship thingy which I will set up. I just hope that I can find the link… which I did just now…

What’s new with y’all? I hear a Canada gooses. Stupid nasty bird. BTW that is Letterkenny. LOL!!


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April 11, 2021

we  had  rain all morning but it  stope  know

April 11, 2021

@ihavenoarms Hamilton is near Newmarket, so we have the same weather.

April 11, 2021

It rained last night into today here. The sun came out early this afternoon and it got warm. I love chickadees! They’re so cute!

April 12, 2021

@ostara Ahh… yes. Well, this morning as I sit by the window it is raining once more.