Promise of a New Day…

Today is Friday — Good Friday to all you Gentiles. Passover ends April 4th, but yeah… since that this house is predominantly Christian, I celebrate Easter too… to an extent. I won’t turn down colorful hard boiled eggs or a chocolate bunny — it is a special holidays, so I can have that. 🙂 

I am just listening to Ellie Goulding… I just had some cottage cheese. 🙂 Now I’m listening to Blue Peter.

Brother Ry is shifting in, and Mama is doing the Easter supper… thank God. No offense to Ry’s cooking, but Mama cooks like a dream….

Tonight we are getting fish and chips from Newmarket Fish & Chips. 😀 That is what’s happening but if not, we have Alaskan pollock and fries from the freezer. 🙂 I ain’t picky.

So how are my lovelies today??



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3 weeks ago

I am hungry for now

@itsjustmarina Go have some food Marina 🙂

3 weeks ago

I have had a crap day so far.  Seems like I’ve been fighting with everyone.

3 weeks ago

Happy Good Friday to you too! Fish actually sounds amazing today

@kaliko Fish and chips are good. And since it is Good Friday…

3 weeks ago

I’m doing alright thank you 🙂 How are you ? 

@soldierblue I am good Soldier. What’s new??

3 weeks ago

fish and chip  sounds  good

2 weeks ago

@moonshinemollie we used  to have a  good fish and chip place just  down the road  but  sadly  it  closed down just  be  for  coved brock out I thank  the  guy  retired    ges he picked  a  good  time


@ihavenoarms Covid is taking over 🙁 Lots of small businesses are suffering…

2 weeks ago

@moonshinemollie yes so sad

2 weeks ago

My household celebrates both Passover and Easter, too. My husband is Jewish (mostly non-practicing, but his family does the holidays) and I was raised / am still Christian.

@smokedragon I’m a non practising Jew. 🙂