Sometimes I think that…

Being awake is over-rated. I need more sleep. Saturdays are what my sister Bees calls ‘Lazy Saturdays’. Lazy indeed. But I’m up and tinkering with Julz’ computer. I have post nasal drip and so, phlegm collects at the back of my throat. TMI I know.. but, meh.. they don’t call me the Queen of TMI for nothing you know!

I think I will just veg and mentally torture Doug Ford for this new lockdown. Who here hates COVID-19, raise your hand.. raises paw I have decided that I am 49% cat, 50% Sir Paul McCartney fan and 1% Newfie steak. [have a link]

And yes, my last name is Meyer. 😛 If you get that, well then you are on the ball. I had a dream about Lance Sweets of Bones and his death. IDKY though.

Bones – Lance Sweets – Character Death | Tell-Tale TV

Sweets death was devastating. TV shows have this nasty habit of killing off popular characters… grr..

Anyways, my new computer will cost $600 and is a custom built laptop. Fucking A. It sounds impressive. Do I have the moolah, oh yes. 🙂 And I might have enough for the bed too … I’m a little worried though bc I drink a shit ton of water and pairing that with a weak bladder? Yeah. 🙁

I hope to get the cash for it soon.

I also had a dream about Bees and how we ended up in a pawn shop, I will never understand. Haaa….


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April 10, 2021

OMG, wasn’t Sweets so HOT??  Rrraor!!  And yay for the new laptop!!

April 10, 2021

@novembercirese He was delish! 😉 ikr?

April 10, 2021

I raise my hand for hating Covid

April 10, 2021

@itsjustmarina Ikr Marina!

April 10, 2021

cute  cat

April 10, 2021

@ihavenoarms Ty Todd. 🙂 Her name was Malibu.

April 11, 2021

@moonshinemollie  did she  pass away  is  so  sorry I had  a   cat for 15  years but  had to put  her  down she  stopped  eating

April 11, 2021

@ihavenoarms Yeah, her back legs were going on her. 🙁