Awkward Horror Bit

 A man, whose been robbed by life of his youth and age,

Sits in his chair and warms his soul by the fires rage.

He takes sips of his tea, as his eyes droop down,

And his face winkles with sleep, it makes it look like he has a frown.

Sitting like a wax statue, so gently at rest,

And his chin sinks down, all the way to his chest.

All of sudden, from his door he hears a "BOOM!"

An eerie feeling rolls in, a feeling of doom.

In his small cottage, on the other side of the door,

Is someone trying to come in, so late as four?

He unlocks the door, and opens it wide,

But no ones there, perhaps they ran to hide.

So he sits down again, just to hear once more,

A "BOOM BOOM BOOM", knocking at his door.

But when he opens it he finds a black figure outside.

"What do you want?" The man said, "did you want to come inside?"

But the figure just stood there, With no movement or emotion.

So the man slammed the door and said, "so much commotion!" 

And then again, "BOOM BOOM BOOM" came from his door,

And the old man opened it and said, "NO MORE, NOR MORE!"

The figure was closer, the old man could hear it breathing,

And he begun to grow cold, because he didn’t know what he was seeing.

He slammed the door, and moved closer to the fire,

And when he heard "BOOM BOOM BOOM," he said "Go home, I’m tired!"

But it wouldn’t stop, no matter what the man said,

And he kept telling himself, "it’s all in my head!"

But when it was so much, that the old man couldn’t take anymore,

He finally said, "Just tell me what you want! But I’m not going to open the door!"

The noise finally stopped, there was nothing wondering about,

But the man was not at rest, for the fire suddenly went out.

It grew cold quick, and he started to shiver and chatter

And the old man was afraid that it was him the figure was after.

In the depths of the dark, in the corner of the room,

He saw the black figure, and heard it breathing out doom.

Slow and softly the figure walked towards the man,

And he knew tonight was the night that he was sure to be damned.

And with the blink of an eye the figure was gone,

But the man didn’t feel better, he just felt something else was wrong.

He felt a presence from his back, and a grip on his arm.

He heard it’s angry whispers in his ear, like it wanted to do some harm.

He felt its cold and wet breath, shiver down his spine

But he couldn’t move, he couldn’t even think in his mind. 

Its whisper grew angrier, and it started to shout,

"Please, please!" the old man cried, "I don’t know what all this is about" 

"I’ll skin you alive! I’ll laugh when you’re dead!!"

"I want to watch you bleed!" Is what the figure said.

The old man screamed, and

pulled his arm away

And all of a sudden the figure was gone, with nothing more to say. 

The fire came back, and the room was clear.

It was all done, at least thats what he wanted to hear.

He got off the floor and looked at his door,

he didn’t hear the "BOOM BOOM BOOM" anymore.

But when he turned around, he saw the window,

He felt it had something, something it wanted to show. 

So he got up and opened the curtain,

Wide enough so the light would show for certain. 

An old dried up white face, with black blood in its eyes,

And black drool coming out from its mouth inside.

And then he pulled his face away, from its demonic gaze,

But it was too late, he was caught in a haze.

He was rolling around and screaming in pain,

The image was permanently scared in his brain.

He went to bed, praying for peace,

and the lord answered him, for his soul was released. 

The man was old, and his strength lacked,

they said he died from probably a heart attack. 

They never knew about the black figure or white faced it.

They never knew of that awkward horror bit.


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