Evanescence and Renew

Out with the old and in with the new;

If you couldn’t tell, I’m done with you.


Our memories are a romanticized past,


Our precious moments never did last.


You were never really a genuine friend,


If you were, we wouldn’t have seen an end. 


I’m ready for a new future, a new chapter,


I’m ready for a new name, and a new stature.  


I’m ready to step up to plate and hit the ball.


Because I want everything, or nothing at all.


It’s not like you were that terribly bad,


It’s just that you left me for dead.


And it’s not like I was ever really mad,


Just permanently scared in my head.  


It’s okay though,


You’re nothing more then a evanescence of my past.


And just like our friendship, the pain I feel will never last.  


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