Never Thought It’d Be Me.

 I never thought it could possibly be.

Never thought it’d be a day I’d live to see.

Never thought I’d be looking it straight in the eyes,

Even after I said it was nothing more but dumb lies,

Yet believing, as if it were the truth that came out of its mouth.

Feeling my heart drop, straight down to the cold forsaken south. 

Where I felt cold, alone, and left to die.

I felt broken, I just wanted to hear a lie.

One that assured me a healthy life,

Not one that’s full of sorrow and strife.

‘Cause I don’t want to cry, I want to wear a smile.

I want to believe your lie, like an oblivious child.

But in the end, I can’t escape the truth.

‘Cause no matter how I try, there is no use.

It’s just that, I never thought it could possibly be.

I never would’ve thought it could possibly have been me. . . 

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