Anger Sets In


 I sent an email on June 28th regarding the house, just got a response for it:

Kim,  Kevin(pad guy) walked the road last nite–too wet, he, also
Dirt Pit–too wet.
I’m trying to do the best I can, I had mention to STEVE two weeks ago,
have a back-up plan.
I do understand your concern, and I’m trying to get the job done! 

What he had mentioned to Stephen was that we should have a back up plan for our guests who are counting on us having the house so they have a place to stay for the wedding.  Here was my response back:


Why should we have to inconvenience our guests and create added expenses for them when we were told we would have the house by the first of July?
Stephen is working on the road this morning, getting it dried out.
When the house mover came out the other day he said he would have no problem getting the house in with the way the road is, so Im not understanding why the road is not too wet for him but it is too wet for others??
We have been closed for 2 weeks now and nothing has been done.  People keep taking the time to come out and look but nothing is getting done.  We have worked hard to complete everything asked of us in a quick manor, doing everything possible to speed this along, even driving non stop from New York for a closing that should have happened before we left. 
I understand the rain is out of everyones control and that in itself has held us up but on the same note, there have been human errors on peoples part that have also held us up.  If certain situations had been handled a bit differently or completed in a more timely fashion then we would be a few weeks ahead of where we are right now but thats not the case.  We walked into ####### ######, loan in hand, over 2 months ago and still nothing.

I think that pretty much speaks for itself.

Plus, my dogs killed all the chickens except one rooster this morning.  Dad shouldnt have left the pen open, Ive warned him, now hes gonna be pissed.

Stephen and I got into a big fight last night, long story short, I ended up having to get up every hour last night to change laundry, finally at 2:30 I just crammed the last 2 loads in the dryer and said to hell with it, if it blows up, it blows up.  Im exhausted today.  As soon as I finally started to sleep decently the damn alarm clock went off.

On the other hand, we have guests who have booked hotel rooms already, they got a 20% discount because of the wedding.  That makes me happy.  Also, the hotel has like 48 rooms and there are 41 left for our guests.  LOL sad part is, the other 7 rooms are being used by my guests.  LOL thats probably why they got 20% its the only business they have!!!

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