I havent mentioned that Stephen and I went to an Astros game on Sunday, have another one to go to on 9/28.  The first inning was just dumb…..thats all you can really say about it, but the game got good and exciting.  Too bad we didnt win.  Biggio made a cameo…..that got me excited, too bad he struck out.  Im gonna miss him and Bagwell.  The park was doing a promotion…….the first 10,000 fans got a Biggio/Bagwell "Original Killer B’s" T-Shirt……..Stephen and I ended up being too late and I was pissed that I didnt get the shirt.  So, my sweetie bought us jerseys.  We got our last name put on the back with our fave #’s on them……him 7 me 8.  He didnt want one but I refused to get one just for myself, so he gave in.  Regretting that $300 now, didnt realize it would be that much.  So…….the next day, my Mr. Wonderful did something even better.  He is upset because I didnt react to it in the way he had hoped for…….but trust me, I love that he did it.  He found out that his partner at work went to the game as well, she got 4 shirts and he asked if he could have one for me, so after work on Monday he drove to her house to pick it up.  See……….this is why I love him, this is why I married him.

Anyways……….heres the email I just sent the jack ass owner of the mobile home company we bought our house through………which by the way…….we still dont have.  Plus, the electric company promised electricity in 8 working days………today is day #8 and they just called this morning to say they arent able to do anything because limbs havent been cut.  They hired a tree removal company to come out and trim the limbs……..that was Monday of last week, they didnt do anything when they came out and they were supposed to come back out the next morning at 8…….never showed.  So, for some reason, it took until today for us to be contacted and told they hadnt done anything yet.    Apparently when they came out (Stephen and I were dropping fam off at airport) they couldnt find the 2nd stake for the 2nd pole so they were just gonna cut some trees down, mom told them no, that they only needed to trim limbs, so they took it as they werent allowed to cut anything.  They were supposed to come out the next morning so we could show them the 2nd stake.  Now you tell me why it takes over a week for them to contact us to tell us this shit?!?!?!?!

I seriously could kill some one over this shit………Im BEYOND frustrated!!  I contacted a lawyer a week or so ago to see what our options are.  Legally our contract says they have until the 1st of Sept to complete construction.  Today is August 1st, they have 30 days or the contract is null and void………right now they are saying its going to be AT LEAST another 2 weeks.  Part of both of us is hoping they dont complete the project.

The email, intact with all identifying information just because I dont care!!!

I am beyond frustrated with this entire ordeal.  Stephen and I are really at a loss as to what to do at this point, we have started to look into our options and are not sure we even want to complete this deal.
The way this has all gone on is not any way to run a business.  It is poor customer satisfaction and shows lack of concern for the customer at all.  As with any business your number one priority should always be customer satisfaction, without satisfied customers you are nothing.  This directly relates to advertising.  The best form of advertisement you can get is by word of mouth.  If your customers are satisfied they will preach about you to everyone they meet, encouraging them to do business with you.  If your customers are not satisfied then they will warn people about doing business with you.  I just recently had someone at work ask me where I was buying my house, her sister is looking to buy, I refused to even name the company’s name and told her I wouldnt recommend it to anyone.  Thats one less potential customer for you.
Stephen has told me that half of the house is in the process of making its way down here today and the 2nd half should be shipped tomorrow.  While I understand that we have had rain delays, what I dont understand is why we havent been able to get a straight answer on anything.  Each week since June we have been told the house would arrive by the end of the upcoming week, by the middle of the week it was supposed to ship we were told it would be yet the next week before it shipped.  This has carried on for nearly 6 weeks and yet we still were never told of a reason why it hadnt shipped.  It wasnt until 2 weeks ago that we were finally told it has something to do with the paint etc.  Why it takes 6 weeks to correct paint is beyond me.
Now with half the house being shipped today the rest tomorrow we still are not able to get a straight answer.  This has nothing to do with the factory or the rain, simply that your company will not provide answers and the only answers we are getting is that it could possibly be another 2 weeks before we get into our house.
We made Factory Direct’s job easy by walking in with the loan ready to go.  All Factory Direct had to do was sign on the dotted line and put the house on the property, yet 3 months later nothing has been done. 
Why were we promised the house by the first of July if Factory Direct honestly knew that wasnt possible?  July 21 came and went and our out of town wedding guests were left inconvenienced and with unexpected expenses.  Not only were our guests inconvenienced and handed added expenses but we have been as well. 
Factory Direct’s lack of concern for us, their customers, disgusts me.  Hindsights 20/20 so they say and if I had known then what I know now, I would NEVER have done business with Factory Direct.
Forgive me, but to me it does not seem that hard to get things in order, to keep things in order and to keep your customers well informed and happy.  Perhaps even if we were able to get more straight, legit answers we wouldnt be as frustrated but we cant even get that much.
I still would like to see the records of when the house was actually ordered by Factory Direct.  We have been told no such records exist in your office but I dont see how that is possible.  How can you do business such as this and not keep some sort of records of when things happen?
We’d also like a solid answer as to when we will be in our house.  This has carried on for too long now and to me it does not seem like there is that much left to do that should take 2 weeks.  It can all be done by the middle of next week.  At this point I dont care who has other jobs to tend to, why is mine not first?  You’ve been aware of these things needing to be done since May.  If jobs could not be ordered until close then that means these jobs have been ordered for over a month.  Are you telling me that our job was just put on the back burner and someone who requested a job last week will get priority over us?  That seems a little unfair as well.  We have been waiting for a month.
If anything, I hope that Factory Direct learns from this.  Learns to treat their customers as their number one priority.  Doing what it takes to keep them satisfied and more aware of whats going on.  Giving them a more realistic idea of how long things take and how everything works instead of just being concerned about making the sale.  Based on conversations Factory Directs #1 priority at this point is making the sale, we have been told that we were originally told things JUST so that Factory Direct could get our business.
Thank you,

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August 1, 2007

That is a very professional letter. I am so sorry that this is happening to you. I will tell Sean we are never going to go through Factory Direct.