*****How I met my Mr.*****

So, I noticed this weeks theme, thought Id go along with it, but first some quick updates.

Lil Stephen had his tonsils removed.  He was a real trooper and he is breathing much easier at night.  Thought it would help him sleep through the night but I guess since hes been waking up every night for 3 years its going to take a little bit to break the habit.  I cant tell you how nice it is to see him sleep without his chest caving in, or hearing him gasping for air.

Stephens dad and youngest brother came to visit us FINALLY, they were here for Thanksgiving.  It was nice.

Lil Stephen turned 3 last week!  T-H-R-E-E!!  I cant believe how big they are.

Big Stephen passed his paramedic class final.  Now he has a few more tests to retake, lots of rotations, and then his BIG paramedic test.  I have faith in him.

I dunno, guess that’s about all.

Oh, I wanted to share 2 quick pictures with you….these are from our annual family photo shoot.  I usually try to do these right in the middle of the kids birthdays….so they kinda fall into their yearly pictures, that way I am not taking pictures every few months.  Anyways, I decided to hire a photographer.  I am tired of the stuffy, posed feel of a portrait studio.  However, my last experience with a photographer, my wedding, ended in pure tragedy.  So I was reluctant.  As it turns out, I am pretty pleased with them.  The kids wore the dress & tie I made from dads old shirt.  Anyways, here are 2 shots….once my disk arrives I might share more.

Big Stephen NEVER smiles, I ALWAYS give him a hard time about how thrilled he looks to be a part of the family…..she not only caught him smiling….but full on open mouth laughing!!  LOL, love it!!


Aside from the bit of grass that appears to be hanging from my mouth, i LOVE this one!!

Now, on with this weeks theme.  I actually wrote about my first date with Stephen here….all those years ago.  In 2005 I was in an AOL chatroom, back before Facebook and social media, back when AOL chatrooms were "cool" still.  Anyways, I was bored, about to get off and a SN (screen name for those of you too young to know) popped up that caught my eye.  I didnt normally speak to anyone first, usually I waited and if they wanted to talk to me I would talk back. Something made me say hello.  The rest is history.  A week or so after that we had our first date……we were pretty much attached at the hips from the get go.  That Thanksgiving I took him home to officially meet the family, he took me back to New York for Christmas to meet his.  10 months after our first date he asked me to marry him…..14 months later I did.  5 years later were still very happily married, I am still VERY much IN love with him and we have 2 amazing little people who call us mommy and daddy.  It hasnt always been easy, not by any means, but I think our relationship is stronger today than it was yesterday or any day before that.  Granted things have changed and our relationship is not exactly how it once was, but its still good.  I still wouldnt trade him for the world.  He thinks I would, he also thinks I am not as attracted to him as I was when we first met.  I am……and attracted to him in so many more ways than I ever imagined.  I am grateful for him. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.  I am sooooo glad we ended up in the same chatroom (because there were 1000s) and that something inside me told me to say hello.  He’s an amazing man. Amazing!!

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November 29, 2012

Love this! The pics are gorgeous!

December 1, 2012

The pics are gorgeous – the meeting each other and relationship story is gorgeous xx

December 29, 2012

Awww what a sweet entry! I actually never knew how you guys met. <3 The photos are amazing! What a cute little family you guys make!

February 15, 2013

ARe you still out there??? 🙁