*****Shall We Begin*****

 I have lots of pictures to post, everything from the ballgame, the guest bath, to our newest addition.  So sit back and enjoy the ride.

Lets start with the ballgame.  Remember, Stephen forgot the camera to the one we went to on Friday, we had great seats and would have got some great shots.  Instead……..I’ll show you what its like sitting with the birds.  Some of these Froggie took…..it is just random things.

Craig Biggio……..his next to last game.

Farewell Biggio…….can barely see the sign.

This is where we were sitting on Friday night, 7 rows from the field.

But on saturday night we were about 6 rows from the very top.

One Froggie took

Im surprised my nose didnt bleed

Goodbye #7

The train…….it really is a nice park.

Foul ball

Chillin with the big dogs….

Before the game we ate at the restruant inside the park, my silly fat Frog

Love those lookers, they make me melt.

Not flattering AT all……me, Froggie, Billy, Kris

My forever driving us to the game…….he was such a good sport, wore his jersey Friday then his Biggio shirt Saturday……not bad for a Mets fan……

He insisted on me taking a picture of him standing on it.

Farewell good friend.

Thats all Im gonna share from the game……more to come.






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October 11, 2007

Nice pictures.

October 19, 2007

You’re sooooo lucky y’all got a chance to go to one of his last games. I love the Astros and Biggio and sad to see him go. 🙁 I like your shirt! And Froggie is so adorable. Is he your nephew?