*****Still going*****

 The baby blanket and pillow I made for Stephens partners new baby girl.  I made a few more to sale at the garage sale this past weekend but none sold.  Stephen sold one to a lady at his work, and they might want to order some more larger ones.  Thats fine, I dont mind making larger ones.

Its not crooked, was just laid out that way.

We went to the car races a few weeks ago to watch the neighbor race.  I have videos, perhaps I will post them later.

The results of his second pass

Since his garage burned down a year ago he has had to start over from scratch.

He still has the rat

Kris and Justin Dean

Just to show you…….. this is what he used to drive

And this is what happened

If you look in there,  you can see the shell of the car

Puppy all bandaged up in the bathroom

His wound was nearly as long and as wide as that bandage

This is one of 4…….Kristy’s cat had kittens, 3 boys 1 girl.  He was the only one this color.  Stephen gave him to a lady at his work.

Kristy’s dog……..big dopey Beau

My sweet Bailey

Still more………






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October 19, 2007

Awww love animals and they are all so cuuute. Wow..sorry about your neighbor’s car and it was a really nice one too. How did the garage burn down? Was it an electrical problem or something worse? That must’ve been hard to start from scratch. He’s doing a really good job though. Great pics!