Agency brings contentment

Its Sunday and I am sitting at my kitchen table drinking tea from a china cup that was my grandmothers, it must be 100 years old. She got it for her wedding present. I have a teapot and a tea strainer and a lovely matching small milk jug.

I love the ritual of making and pouring tea and sipping it. It’s one of the nice things I like to do in life.

It makes me slow down and be in the moment.

It makes me think.

Today I am thinking I am happy.

I have all and everything I could ever want.

Job, house, no mortgage, money to pay my bills, healthy kids, sunny weather, tidy house, and time to myself at the weekends and in the evenings. Friends to meet up with if I want to.

What more could I ask for


I am very aware of all I have.

Every day I focus on the things I have rather than the things I dont have.

I’ll never have everything I want but focusing on what I have makes me happy.

Im in a good place.

Im thankful for that.

I was going through my goals envelope.

I decorated an envelope and put in there my goals and my action steps to my goals and deadlines to meet them.

I have them sectioned off in three sections.


Everything is going along fine on my timeline. I switched out my new inbuilt double ovan for passports for me and the two kids and besides that all is going along fine except for my exercise.

Im not doing any and I know I should be.

I sit all day for my work and then I come home and do more sitting when I work at home. I need to move more.

I’m going to go for a walk by the sea later today. I have to admit that I hate exercise. Yes I do.

I might download an audio book and listen to it as I walk. Something to keep me occupied.

Yes, or I will listen to podcasts.

I’ll try a podcast and see how I get on with that.

My life is good.

Im happy.

I am the creator and maker of the happiness in my own life and I intend getting slimmer.

Thats my intention.

My goal is to weight 144lbs

My action is to walk and eat well

My reflection is to record all exercise I do.

Living with agency brings happiness because I admit to myself that I ultimately am responsible for the situation I now find myself in.

I create my own life.


There’s nobody to blame but myself if things aren’t going right.

My tea is finished and its time to put on my makeup and go out into the world.

With Agency. 😉

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