Feet before Brain

I said I’d walk on the beach today and its 8.30pm and I havent.

I dont want to walk on the beach

I want to go to bed because I am up at 5.45am for work.

But I am going to do that take heed of that old Chinese saying.

Feet before brain.

Im not going to think about this I am just going upstairs now to put on my trainers and jacket and I’m going to grab my earphones and I’m going to walk to the beach and back.

Feet before brain.

I will lose this weight

I will do what I say I will do.

I will live with agency.

Intention;  To be 144lbs

Goal; By September 2018

Action;  Exercise & Clean eating

Reflection; Weight myself daily.

Live with Agency; Now


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May 13, 2018

thanks for adding me

May 13, 2018

“Feet before brain”! I never heard that before but I love it 🙂