Living with Agency

Having Agency

I had to look up withat that meant.

I guessed it meant taking control of your life but its an expression I never use.

I have agency over my life.

I want to have more agency over my life.

Its a great expression for explaining what it is I want to do.

So I did a bit of reading on it and came across the website of a Professor who spent years studying just that “Agency”

Dont you just love the internet. Where you can learn something in minutes what took another person years to learn.

So basically if I want to have agency I have to have its four helpers to help me

And they are.


Goal setting or planning

The ability to take action

The ability to look back and see how I’m doing.

Ok, that seems easy enough.

I do make goals and plan my life. Im a list person without a doubt. I have lists of lists and lists of lists to remind me of lists I’ve made.

I often think that all these lists I make are useless because I have so many of them that its not possible to live them all and so they never get used most of the time.

But they plant seeds for me in my mind and some of them grow.

I came across a pintrest board that I had made a couple of years back as my vision board and nearly everything I had on it I had accomplished without ever referring back to that board. So I reckon if I can accomplish things without much Agency imagine what I could do with Agency.


Thats what I am going to concentrate on over the next while and see what the results are.

I have to admit, if you have read my last post, I earned 2,800K in one week because I had been vocalising an intention every day for the past 6 months.

This is it

I intend every increasing amounts of money to flow into my bank account, my paypal account, my hands from several sources of income enabling me and those around me to experience so much more love, joy, happiness, excitement, wealth, and security than I or they every thought possible.

And it is working!!

I suppose its that old “What you focus on expands”. But I am exhausted. Its the 5th of May and I havent had a day off work since the 7th April. THATS NEARLY A MONTH.

I didnt even notice it. That I hadnt had a day off. I love my work so much, its my passion and I tend to not look at it as work but it takes its toll and I want an all round abundance of wealth in all areas of my life not just money. I want it in relationships and having a lovely home and looking after my body by eating well not just grabbing whats nearest, like a sandwich for dinner.

So here on Open diary is the place where I will document for myself all my lists within lists, where I will set my goals and intentions and have a place to reflect on the actions I take or even have not taken. Im putting it all out here.

So its my intention to keep bring in the dosh, the dollars, or the Euros in my case here in Ireland

And Im not afraid to do that. To spend the time doing that but I am going to have to regulate the time I spend so I dont burn out like I feel I am now. I think I caught it just in time. I have spent the past two days in my pyjamas but I dont care, I usually wear high heels and pencil skirts for work so this is a rest from that.

So my intentions…..what are they?

I want abundance in all areas of my life and so…..

My intentions are…..

To earn a lot of money from my work
To feed my body good food and give it exercise
To put myself first more and say no and delegate
To live in a beautiful house
To have amazing relationships with children, friends and families

So there are five areas I need to focus on and I have an intention for the first one. Now I need an intention I can recite every day, like my money intention, for the other four areas of my life that I want abundance.

Here goes.


I intend feeding my body only the best of foods so that it will work its best for me in return.

Short and sweet.

Self Care

I intend delegating as much as I can to those around me and saying no to things so that I can work to the best of my ability.

A Beautiful House

I intend living in a house that brings joy and happiness to rest in for myself and though around me.

Amazing Relationships

I intend to spend quality time with those I love and to find a lover that adds to my life and to those around me.

OK, so no I am going to join them all up into one big intention that I can recite every day like the one I already do, but longer.

What you focus on expands and I want these things to expand so I am going to focus on them once of not twice a day.

So here goes. I have to learn this off by heart.

I intend ever increasing amounts of money to flow into my bank account and my paypal account and my hand from several sources of income enabling so much more joy, excitement, happiness, security and wealth for me and those around me than I or they ever though possible

I intend delegating and saying no more often to enable me to do better work and give me time to feed and exercise my body in a healthy way and time to attend to my home so I and those around me have a beautiful place to live and rest.

I intend finding a lover that will add to my life and to those around me and who appreciates me for who I am not what I have.

And thats it.

I’ll print out that 3 paragraph intention and say it in the car on the way to work and on the way home with feeling and I will take action.

Action steps.

1. Transfer money over to clear last of my debt so I have no monies owing, no mortgage, no bills, no car payments nothing, nada

2. Open a saving account especially for holidays, new car, things for the house.

3. Walk on the beach and listen to podcasts. Do yoga at home.

4. Give up popcorn every day, eat only real clean foods, not processed foods.

5. Say yes more to things I am invited to and a go on dates if asked. Go on Tinder and date at the weekends.

OK, so now I have to put those actions steps into practice and have a time set to reflect on whether or not I have taken them so I will give myself until after the summer to reflect. That would be September 1st when the kids go back to school Summers over then.

Lets see how things turn out living with Agency.

I am going to make a mood board on Pintrest for this Living with Agency Experiment

Bye for now xoxoxo

All for Love

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May 5, 2018

That sounds awesome!