When the kids are off school

So the kids are off school because the whole country is on strike because the government gave away all our money to the banks because the borrowed too much and need to repay their creditors or we will never be able to borrow as a country again.

And that’s why I’m sitting here in my slippers at 3.00pm instead of being parked outside the school gates.

The fire is on in the kitchen, the old dog lying beside me, farting now and then and the kids are in a neighbours house messing it up instead of mine which is perfectly fine by me.

I’m wearing a wonderfully warm long angora/cashmere/wool cardigan my mother gave me because she bought another one for herself and it’s too nice to do any housework in.  And that’s my excuse.

I’m off now to make a lemon and ginger tea (tea-bag …….I’m not that wonderful) as I’m off the coffee.  Got to lose 6 lbs before Friday night.  Like Yeah……that’s soooo easy.  Why don’t I just round it off at 10lbs for heavens sake?!!


See ya





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November 24, 2009

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