I wonder why

Some times I wonder what has become of us, but then I go on line, on the world wide web, or as you like to call it, the Internet, and I can instantly see where we currently are and where we are headed, where we are all going to be in sadly not so distant future. For some of us actually think we own the world, some of us actually think we are better, much better from everyone else, and some of us Actually! think we matter more than does everybody else! Now, I ask, does that even make sense? Are we really on top of the world? Or do we just pretend that we are, so that others don’t and can’t see that we are actually the ones below them? The reason why I ask this is because I can see all the ignorance and I can see all the lack of awareness among people who pretend to be all knowledgeable and all aware. I can see people who pretend they know everything, but in reality they don’t know nothing of actual worth and of actual value of any kind. And yet they have followers, they have people who actually follow their thoughts, their emotions, and their beliefs, they have people who actually respond to their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs and actually agree with their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. No matter how wrong they are agreeing, they still agree. No matter how nonsensical it is, they still agree to it. But that’s not the saddest part. The saddest part is that they actually share that thought, that emotion, and that belief forward among those who’ve yet to see, read, or hear of it. And of course, once this person sees it, reads it, or hears of it, he or she also shares these thoughts, emotions, and beliefs forward among those who’ve yet to see, read, or hear of it. Humanity is idolizing the wrong people, and completely ignoring the right people. We ignore those who actually contribute and serve this world, and idolize those who’ve yet to contribute anything and who’ve yet to serve this world. And here I am to ask, why is that? What does attract you to them? Is it the number of likes, is it the number of views, is it trends, is it popularity, or is it your ignorance and your lack of awareness? I can’t understand why those who truly serve and contribute to this world are completely, fully, and entirely ignored, and those who don’t serve this world nor contribute to this world in any way other than spreading their pre paid reflections and views, are the ones who are actually being idolized? How far have we already fallen, and how far have we yet to fall? Are we really that lost, or is there something out there that makes sure we are lost and we can not find a way out of this mess? I ask, because I care. 


Take care =)  

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