Your Marvelous Mind

Dear soulmate of mine, you’ve been with me many years of my life, you’ve been with me when I was a nobody and you’re with me now when I am actually a somebody, you stand by me and you stand behind me, every day of my life you provide me with one more reason to love you more. You are my soulmate, you are my lifeline, you are my love, you are the truest of my loves, you are so beautiful within and without, you are the most beautiful person I could ever ask for, and the most beautiful person that’s ever entered my life. Every day I thank him for bringing you into my life, every day I thank him, for making you meet me at one of the biggest of hardships of my life. I wouldn’t have made it without you. I wouldn’t have made it without the kindness, goodness, generosity, humility, and humbleness of your heart. I wouldn’t have made it without your marvelous mind and all the faith and all the belief you had in me. Dear soulmate of mine, you are it for me, you are the biggest gift and you are the biggest blessing of my life. I love you unconditionally, I love you eternally, I love you truthfully, I love you genuinely, and I love you entirely, because you’ve made my life complete, your presence’s changed me, your love’s freed me, and your kindness’s and marvelousness’s given me another chance at life. If you ever wonder why I love you so much, that’s why. 



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August 22, 2021

That’s beautiful. 💖

August 22, 2021

@angelgrl87 Thanks a bunch !