My Journaling Journey: How I Stick With It!

Journaling has been a major part of my life since I was really young, but I would be lying if I said it was super easy to stick to all of the time. Journaling, keeping a diary, writing a blog, whatever you want to call it, is hard. I often feel a lot better after getting whatever worries and issues I have in my head down on paper (or a screen as is the modern way), but finding the time to sit down and write can get a little tricky in daily life.

After a period of complications in my life, I have decided to take journaling back up, and start recording some of my musings in daily life! I am using GoodNightJournal to do this because I like the communal aspect of it! I don’t actually want my journals to be private. They are a significant part of who I am, so I will be unapologetically myself within them!

I plan on sticking to the process of journaling this time around. I have even bought a new laptop using some nifty promo codes that I found on the web! So this should motivate me enough to keep going, but I have a few other ideas to keep me motivated too. I thought i’d share them with you in the hope that you might find them useful too! I know I will! giphy gif

Allocating time

I always try to allocate a little bit of time before I go to bed each night to write a post. I have been writing and journaling and keeping diaries for my whole life, so it only takes an hour (maybe less?) to put one together. I find that having a specified time to write that is the same each day helps to integrate it into my routine!

Abstract and literal entries

I often find it super tempting to just reel off everything that I have done on a given day, but I think this can be a little tedious sometimes, especially if I have had a really boring day! To stay motivated, then, I am going to try writing a few abstract posts. Instead of writing about my day in the here and now, I might recount past experiences instead, or discuss my emotional state, or what I think about the world. This should keep the writing fun, interesting and therapeutic for me.

Remembering the feeling

Before writing an entry, I can find it all too difficult to actually sit down and get on with it. But by thinking, in these moments, about the feeling of relief after actually writing the entry, I will motivate myself. I might even look back through this entry for some extra motivation!


There are so many ways that I can start motivating myself to actually stick to these diary entries, and I think that I am entirely capable of doing so. I used to journal all the time, more than once a day, and I absolutely loved it! I want to get that motivation back again!


Does anyone else have any awesome journaling motivation tips??


I could use a helping hand!


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March 21, 2019

I needed to read this myself today.  Writing is a habit, getting out of the habit has negative emotional effects on me.  Thanks for the tips and reminders


March 21, 2019

@dapinkiiee I’m glad it helped! I do find it really hard to stay motivated sometimes but by getting on and doing it I always feel better afterwards!