In the library

1:02pm Currently in the library and thought I’d write a journal entry, somehow despite deciding to pay for this service, I’d forgotten about this safe space.

My #30 day no Facebook challenge is officially over and I’m pleased I didn’t break it though I must admit I didn’t really miss it much. A bit disappointed I didn’t get anyone really asking where I was but c’est la vie. Now that I’m back on it I fully aim to use it mindfully because I don’t want to go back to old habits.

Now to keep the momentum going, I’m doing another challenge – no white bread for #30 days. Wholewheat toast is yummy.. aah sacrifices..

I’ve been doing well with my drinking more water resolution but the healthy eating bit needs drastic improvement.

Really excited to receive my Boots winter skincare edit. They’ve basically put together a mix selection of well known skincare branded products to get you through the harsh winter. I love winter but it’s not always gentle to my skin.

The highlight of January so far is seeing parakeets for the first time in the wild. Many of us walkers, were marveled to see these beautiful creatures here.. they must be around but I don’t see them in my area.

Images inserted are: Beautiful flowers… a Parakeet ..  coconut coffee which I tried for the first time xx









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January 22, 2024

I love that! I find focusing on small changing for 30 days is very helpful too. We can become too overwhelmed when we think of ALL the changes we can make. Nice work! 🙂

January 22, 2024

@inthewingsofthemorning Thankyou 💙 that’s so true!