Family Meeting In the Near Forecast!

As I mentioned before we are a blended family, Adam had 2 boys himself (Trevor and Aj) and I had 1 boy (Graysen). I feel like I connected with the boys pretty fast after I met them, because their bio mom wasnt in the picture well let me rephrase that – in and out of their life – . So im not quite sure how they really felt about me we never talked about it but they seemed to like me. Over the past few years we have really grown as a family, had two more babies 👶👶 (Rowdy and levi). I love the two oldest like they are my own. Ive gave everything I could to them..  But lately its been getting pretty hard to hold my tougne, with Aj. Hes a preteen so yes I know I remeber being a preteen. Its hard.

So I can make this a little less lengthy ill just get into it, we have set chores for aj. Get home from school, Get a snack, do homework. (Homework is always first) then he has free afternoon untill after dinner. Then his only chore is clean up the kitchen. Then he has the rest of the night to do whatever untill bed at 10.  And first few weeks of school was great. He got home from school did his homework. Did not procrastinate. But the last couple weeks he literally spends from the time he gets home from school till almost the time he goes to bed doing his homework on and off. Going to the bathroom every 10 min, figures its his responsibility to stock the fire, messing around with the 2 youngest. The list goes on…  So by the time hes finally done with his homework its bed time. And guess what my kitchen is still a mess when I get up in the morning… This happened last night and has been happening. But what was different then last night he said he will. “Try to get to his chores when he is done with his homework” at 8. It will take you 2 hours to do your homework and chores???? But i couldnt say anything.. (Thats just how i feel, still kinda feel its not my place). Then he said that if he couldnt get his chores done then he would do them in the morning before he goes to school. Nope couldnt do that this morning either… Im just at my wits…. He likes to walk all over us and his dad just doesnt either see it or just doesnt care…. But really child if I knew you werent gonna do your chores I woulda done it. I really dont care to wake uo in the morning to a messy kitchen…. It just makes thing all that more mind cluster fucked for me on top of dealing with a neborn and a toddler… 🙁

Yes. Ive tried to take electronics, frankly hes gotton used to it so he doesnt really care for me turning off the wifi. We have tried making hin do more chores but he just does them halfassed. And i just dont have the energy to argue with him. His dad describes us as two kids bickering… When i do have the energy to talk to him… Bleh… Cab i say we arent on the same page about things?

Then we have the teenager…. For the past year trevor has had a job and we all agreed that if he had a job and stayed in school he didnt have to do chores because it was an after school job and he wouldnt have time. But in the beginning of the school year he said he was quitting his job so he could focus on his senior year. Which was great! We were happy because we want him to graduate. So he quit his job and since then hes been getting good grades. But when he gets home he shuts himself in his room doesbt come out unless there is food. Typical teenager. But am I out of line to think he needs to start helping out around the house just like his brother???

   So im thinking we need to have a family meeting dont you think?  But im asking for advice to try and talk to them what should i say to “lay down the law”. Help!!!

Anyway Goodmorning! Cheers to coffee.

-Overjoyed & Overwhelmed.


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November 6, 2019

Welcome to Open Diary, I hope you find a comfortable home here 🙂

You certainly have a busy life – I’m looking forward to hearing more!

November 6, 2019

oh, and yes – Trevor should be helping out around the house, senior or not, IMO!