Family Meeting Success!

If you read my previous entry, I talked about how my family needed to have a sit down conversation about picking up some slack around the house, the additude that i get from the preteen and all of that. Well I got the confidence to get the army a boys that I have together plus the hubby to sit down and talk about what i needed done so I dont get to much more overwhelmed then I already am. And to my surprise it actually went pretty smoothly. No arguing, they just sat there and listened and aj actually agreed to what I was saying. So I think that was a success. Now lets see if it pans out how I would like!

Okay back to making dinner. I just wanted to inform that it went great 🙂

On the menu. Refried beans, cheesy taco hamburger helper. With my own little twist in it.

Bye for now!

-Overjoyed & Overwhelmed


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