My Morning…

So this is my morning…. It went smooth getting Graysen off to school, other then him loosing his shoes last night getting back from his dads. So we were to the wire getting him off to the bus. But as soon as he gets off the the bus im changing levi, got him all cleaned up and as soon as im about to get his diaper on he projectile shits all over… So i have to soak his onesie. Got him all cleaned up. So i go and soak his onesie in the laundry room sink.  Then rowdy distracts me. While the sink is filling up.. I go and deal with him and like 10 min later i hear water splashing… I completely forgot about the sink….. I walk into the laundry room with an inch of water on the ground. *son of a bitch*  so for an hour im cleaning up water while my 2 year thinks its funny to start splashing, rolling in it. So thats how my morning went how was yours!?

-Overjoyed and Overwhelmed-

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November 12, 2019

I hope you realized that your two year old just had their bath so no need for another one.  But all jokes aside…I know it’s frustrating when you get distracted.  Just be thank-ful it was water and nothing else….