Stop Staring!

Imagine this…. 2 to 1. A newborn, toddler and me in the middle of a long ass line ( remember unfiltered momma here) at bank of America. I thought I had it all worked out for me. Had the double stroller baby in front toddler in back. I felt prepared. Wrong!Levi is screaming his brains out. And not just crying nope, that blood boiling newborn cry. Mind you he was fed and changed right before we got to the bank so he should be fine. His problem is he hates his carseat. So I had to take the carseat and start bouncing it to get him to quiet it down still pushing the Cadillac version of a stroller around with my toddler in it. Ohhhh not to mention the toddler.. Hes yelling at me because bank of america decided that it was a great idea to put out a huge bowl of candy on every table in the building ( probably still from halloween). At this point my face is turning red about to break down in tears. 2 more people left in line before its my turn. Levi is finally calming down a bit, then this lady behind me starts asking me questions like :
“Is it a boy or girl you have in that carseat?”
– boy
“Aww how old is she?” ( not that i just said he was a boy)
– he is a month
Then she continues to ask questions like what day was she born? How much did she wiegh? Hieght? Where did you deliever? Just on and on.
Damn lady do u want his social security number to???? And she is a boy!
God bless her heart. I know she wasnt trying to irritate me while i had a crying baby and a candy insane toddler but please just leave me alone.
So i have a lady asking all these questions, 3 more people behind her obviously staring at me and easedropping on my onesided conversation.
Then I hear
” I can help whoever is next in line.”
Oh believe me I dashed to that teller so fast. I think the question lady was still talking.. So i grab my money.
The teller has the audacity to proceed to tell me “boy you have your hands full, dont you have any help?”
I just looked at him and said have a nice day and walked out….
Never again. Nope will never go into that bank. Ill go and do bank errands after adam gets off of work so he can have these kids.

Bleh i skipped my walmart trip and went staight home.

Moral of this story…. If you see a women with her 2 kids, looking like a hot mess and shes about to rip her fucking hair out because her babies are freaking. Please follow these simple directions.
1. Don’t talk to her. Shes having a hard enough time not crying. Do you really think she can talk at that moment in time let alone being interrogated with questions.
2. Don’t stare at her. Shes already embarresed and probably feeling like everyone is staring and judging her. Dont make it a reality for her.
3. “Boy you have your hands full”. Well no shit sherlock. Just keep comments like that to yourself.

– Overjoyed & Overwhelmed

Ps.  Rowdy got his piece of candy.

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