Today for me healing looks like having a relationship with my dad that left me when I was not even 1 years old.  I try I strive to love how Jesus loved. And that includes meeting my father where he is at. Understand life throws curve balls at everyone and some are just not as strong as others. Choosing to love. Choosing to forgive.

God blessed me with step dads that did their best to do the same for me. Choose to love me. My grandpa that was always there for me as well.


But knowing how to have a relationship with him is another story.  I dont know what to say to him or how to relate. He admits he different from drugs he has done in his life.  Doing my best not to let sad emotions affect me.

I want to do my part and show him love. I don’t want him to live his life with guilt.  Hopefully one day it wont feel so hard. I fear that my silence will scare him away again.


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