Ain’t Nothing That a Beer Can’t Fix

I wonder if I could call up Thomas and ask him to change the lyrics to maybe…Ain’t Nothing that a Mojito Can’t Fix… Guess it doesn’t fit in so well…but it suits me better as I seriously don’t like Beer…ooh he could sing Ain’t Nothing that a Storm Can’t Fix…

Smirnoff Storm NRBs (24 x 300ml) | Spirit Premixes | Spirit Premixes | Spirit Premixes | Pre mixes | Beverages & Liquor | Makro Online Site  You see Storm…Tripple Distilled Vodka and not a Storm that could result in destroyed homes…although I suppose a Smirnoff Storm could do they same… hey Smirnoff Vodka has kinda destroyed my home…but then again any kind of Alcohol…when not drunk by me, destroys my home. Ooh…I have a bottle of Sky Vodka at home…maybe I should get some Sprite and have myself a chilled night while watching Big Brother tonight… it is kinda surprising that he hasn’t finished the Sky Vodka. I know he bought it for me, but I also know he has drunk it, since I had about 1 shot of it about a month ago and there are about 3 shots left in the bottle…anyway I am going off topic of my entry…”Bach to you Thomas Rhett”

You’re all alone at a party
You want to dance with somebody
But you ain’t got a clue how to ask

Will since Covid graced us, I feel like I am always alone and there are never any parties happening…but Daddy Cyril Ramaphosa brought down our Lockdown level to 2 on Sunday…so who knows maybe soon I can call up some mates and we can have an open air private club on the beach front and sip some cocktails.

It could be raining’ on your perfect vacation
You could be stressed about your work situation

Yeah it hasn’t really rained in Cape Town for awhile, but the Doctor has Graced us the past few days which means this weekend is gonna be Fuckin’ hot! And since it is Spring…and Rugby on Saturday…I don’t mind letting my hair down and being all merry (but oh shit…I am kinda stuck at home on Sat morning, got a cleaner coming to clean flat…ooh but I can go afterwards…after watching my boys kick some Argentinian Ass I can slip on a pretty dress and I Dunno…

About that work situation Thomas…yeah it is kinda stressing. The cost of living only keeps getting higher and the pay from work just stays the same. I want more…but I can’t really offer more…well I can offer more but I it isn’t easy getting someone to welcome you for an interview when you have a depressing CV. I should do something about that. I can stick my head in my textbooks…ask my dad for a couple of Rands to pay for my exam, instead of flying to my sisters…and who knows, I could welcome 2021 with a new job, which is better paying, and maybe things will be better with my marriage or maybe I will be a happy single 35 year ready to adopt a child looking for some love. Okay maybe I am hoping for too much, I am not Angelina Jolie so the likely hood of an ‘adoption home’ willing to let a single, low earning woman adopt a baby isn’t very realistic.

It could be raining’ on your perfect vacation
You could be stressed about your work situation

From the moment that it hits your lips
Makes those clouds look a little less grey

You are almost right, Rhett…but it is gotta be a Vodka…

From the minute it hits your lips…I am sure to always feel good. Okay what I just said kinda just made me think. How can I judge my husband for wanting to drink something to make him feel good? Yes in the past when he drank we would have a fight, and he would flip a bed (that I was lying on) and he has pointed a steak knife at me (while drunk), but I stood up for myself and a bit him dame hard, in fact so hard that he had teeth marks on his arms for days…but I shouldn’t have to do that. I should never have to be in a position where I have to fight my own husband and prevent him from hurting me. But then again, he was in a bad place, he was depressed, he couldn’t get a job, I was stressing him about getting married and having a big wedding. I think I need to see my Psychiatrist and maybe talk to her and let her tell me what is right or wrong? Okay maybe she is the wrong person to speak to….I cannot go to my sisters…well I could go to the one as she is objective towards my husband, my other sister is very defensive and hasn’t got nice things to say about him…FUCK!!

Oh you could be lonely, or heartbroken
Or hungover from the night before
Turn that frown into a smile real quick
There ain’t nothin’ that a beer can’t fix

Honestly I do feel lonely…

But that is because I had pulled back from friends when I got serious with my boyfriend/husband. They had kids, I got fat!

I do feel Heartbroken…

But that is on my husband! Well I guess that is on me too…maybe I would be happier if I was also happy with myself and didn’t depend on him so much. Like last night when I cam back from work, he was still working in the study, so I felt left out or alone, so I just showered and jumped into bed watched some Netflix on my phone and went to sleep rather early. I think I depend on him too much.

I don’t need anything or anyone to make me smile all laugh. Yeah a cocktail is great and so is music but I am generally a happy person…

You know I just said it…I am a happy person…so I am going to do that this weekend! It should be good weather, will call up some gals and will put on my heels…put some lipstick on…and be happy!!!

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September 16, 2021

@111111q – I cannot open the link. Can’t you just reply on here?

September 16, 2021

@ncumisa ughu ughu niau nia

September 16, 2021

@111111q – I have no idea what you just said.

September 16, 2021

You aren’t alone. You have me. 😀

September 16, 2021

@kartoffeltorte – Thank You Daffy Sammy. 💓

September 16, 2021

@ncumisa Always.

September 16, 2021

I wish I could offer some life-altering advice. All I can say is that you seem to be an extremely loving and loyal person. I’m happy you come here to hopefully feel less lonely.

And enjoy that drink, girl! You deserve it.

September 16, 2021

@queengloom – thank you.  On OD I do feel less lonely and as much as I don’t mind my own company and space it is nice being around people too. But I will have that drink, just bought my mixers and I will sip my drink and the sun sets in Cape Town.