Day 12 of Being Happy…Well Kinda…

Changes in my life
I won’t leave you behind
Changes in my life
You will see in time
Changes in my life
You’re always on my mind
Changes in my life
I got you by my side

As the season in the Cape is changing I feel like my mood is changing too. Getting up is easier, well with the sun creeping in from the edges of the curtain I do tend to be up before my alarm…but what is more is that I am Big Top. Don’t know if that is just my new out look on life, my marriage being in a good place…the QUARANTINE festival (PERSONAL U or just…I dunno.

Yesterday I applied for a few new jobs.

Linkedin-Logo-2011–2019 - Mahesh Twisto Tech Europe  is so annoying…

  1. It makes you create a profile and then upload your CV.
  2. When you see a job on the site and you click on it, besides having already signed onto LinkedIn, you need to sign onto this new site for this job…so now I have to remember another password and I have so many passwords jumbled up in my head, often I have to create a new one every time I sign in somewhere again.
  3. Then when you applying for a job you have to upload your CV…which is understandable, but then in order to actually apply you have to answer these questions and the answers are all in the CV already, so it is like WHY THE FUCK am I WASTING MY TIME?? And these are the people who are meant to be smart enough to determine your future and ability to do a job…

So as I went onto my LinkedIn profile….you know how they recommend jobs for you according to where you live and your abilities and past searches blah blah blah…so the first job they suggest is in Australia…so I am like…Komika Hand and even though I don’t want to leave Disco-Grudge Lite (Apple) Medium and Captain Kangaroo - Personal Use… so I click on the job…and then it tells me


Why the Fuck did you show the job offer on my profile then, you Waste of Motha Duckin Time. 

Anyway so back to being happy…I am making the effort to get a better job.

I am wearing PrettyCityKitties and MCLASSIC FONT Regular for work!

Since the whole gym thing hasn’t happened since last week Sunday…and mornings are not my thing…I am going to try and go after work since it will be load shedding when I get home (at least that is what EskomSePush says…Every time I think of that App I just think it should rename itself to Exhibitionist

When load shedding first began in 2007, it was a surprise for nearly everyone. But the people in charge of Eskom, energy and government at the time had no excuse for their ignorance. Nine years before, in 1998, an Energy White Paper had predicted that “for an assumed demand growth of 4.2%, Eskom’s present generation capacity surplus will be fully utilised by about 2007”.

Just about 14 years later and we still seem to be living in times of darkness. It is tough being happy when you live in South Africa….but I am not going to go into that now!

Okay I should do some work…at least for the next 20 minutes or so.

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November 9, 2021

It is SO frustrating about Linked In finding jobs like that. Everything is brought to you by the department of redundancy.

November 9, 2021

@caria = LMFAO @ Department of Redundancy.