Day 14 of Being Happy

As I was getting out the car this morning…my husband Milano Traffic Demo the car horn, just to tell me that I am loosing weight!! That sure is a good way to start the day Busting common misconceptions about workplace conduct in the MeToo era - #MeToo for better workplace | The Economic Times As much as I am enjoying reading the ‘Watergate Scandal – Geoff Shepard’ , I just can’t really get into it, so much American history that just doesn’t make sense to me…well more; like I just don’t know, so figured I would stop and read another cheesy romcom.  I will come back to it…

Now throughout my whole relationship, I have been against leaving South Africa, but with the way things are going I am slowly becoming open to the idea of calling another Country home. I mean yes it would suck being so far away from my family, but this country is seriously sinking…I suppose most countries are too, on some level…but South Africa is just not looking so good…

Now doing what I love doing I was looking at real estate online and I don’t understand how you can pay rent weekly…I am used to it being a monthly thing…but anyway I cannot get over how ugly the outside of houses are, in most 1st world countries.

Since I was sleeping when the CMA were on last night…figured I would just go onto E! and see who won what…

Country Ham not win Best Female?

Janda Scrapgirl Dots

  • How is he a new artist when he has songs dating back 2 or so years ago?
  • The way he sounds on Dancing with the Stars is not the way he sounds when he sings.
  • Not being racist or anything but it is so weird thinking of a BLACK man singing COUNTRY music…
  • The Good Times Roll, is a nice song but I would have chosen Gabby Barrett as Best New Artist but then again I wouldn’t consider either as New Artists.

Picnicfortwo Regular should have won Single of Year. Chris Young and Kane Brown sound so good…well Kane Brown could sing me the Alphabet and I would still think it was amazing…and Daily Mix 4 and Lab Mix together?? Who would ever thought those two would mash up? 2Peas GG Mix should have been nominated and should have won.

Wait how did Vytorla Mix Demo not get a nomination?? Just heard the song and think is amazing!!

Okay enough about American Country… On a good note I am really happy…so gonna leave it there!!



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November 11, 2021

Where would you move if you could? Not too many places doing that great these days unfortunately 🙁

November 11, 2021

I know the world sucks right now!! In a perfect world…I would move to Australia (never been, but get the feel that I would like it there since it is so much like South Africa already, according to people and obviously many South Africans have already immigrated there over the many decades since Apartheid and also my Rugby is there a lot too). If I couldn’t be an Aussie then I would be a Kiwi in New Zealand (same reasons).

November 11, 2021

@ncumisa I used to know a girl from opendiary who lived in Australia and she made it seem pretty wonderful. I would agree, those are both good choices.

It’s just a shame humans have become so distrusting of each other that we can’t work together to better our world. Imagine what we could accomplish if every country shifted their military efforts towards science, technology and medicine… unfathomable. Instead we fall further behind wasting resources on useless efforts.

November 12, 2021

@sleeponflyon – thanks on the ‘good choices’ remark. Where would you immigrate to?

I don’t think that the world has become distrusting of each other. I think it is more that people have become selfish and we now live in a world were many/most are just focused on what serves them. I am at fault too with this. But the world has become so fast paced and so money orientated, that often all we can do is just keep our head down just to get by. Our leaders feed us lies and their own personal agenda and we give up too much of ourselves to pointless wars. Okay I am not going to go into politics, because it is way too early to get all serious and it is Friday.

November 12, 2021

@ncumisa yes maybe another time, let’s relax on this nice friday/weekend lol 😁

I would probably choose Aus/New Zealand as well. However, it’s likely I’ll never emigrate from the states 🙁

November 12, 2021