Day 25: Think of a Word. Search it on Google Images. Write Something About Inspired by the 11th Image

135 Beautiful Waterfall Quotes To Celebrate Mother Nature      Halmahera Island


I think Waterfall and I look at that picture and a few things come into mind.

  1. The toilet. But I am too lazy to actually get up and go to the toilet, particularly when I don’t really need it.
  2. TLC and their song ‘Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls…’
  3. My emotions.

I am a strong and stubborn person, and I don’t let people too close and let them see my weaknesses…unless of course I cannot help it. But when I look at that picture, I think how it would be so nice to just be somewhere secluded…and on my own and I could just scream and shout and let it all out…yes Britney Spears & Will.I.Am; I wanna ‘Scream and Shout and let it all Out’

I would love to one day feel free like a waterfall and just stretch out my arms and let it all go and cry for all the pain I have ever felt, cry for all the joy I felt, cry for all the loss I have suffered, cry for everything I feel…and then shake it all off and turn into a new stream and start fresh.

Wouldn’t it be great to get the chance to start life all over again, knowing what you know now and maybe getting the chance to do things differently and make better choices?

Great now I got that song stuck in my head…








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October 20, 2021

You said “shake it off”…so you should now have Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” stuck in your head now.

You’re welcome.  😉

“Wouldn’t be great to get the chance to start life all over again, knowing what you know now and maybe getting the chance to do things differently and make better choices?” — I think every one of us thinks this.  I know you’re not into Star Trek, but this scene is directly related to this quote.  This is the worst movie of the series, but one of the best scenes in it.

October 20, 2021

@tigerhawk – I just heard my favourite line ever…well just heard it for the first time… “…draw strength from pain…” – isn’t that what living is generally all about. Well learning from your past and growing from it… I am busy reciting that line in my head over and over again…and I know that I am not master or whatever but when I think back on the time after the accident I was in…I had a pin/plate in my leg and bending my leg was so painful. I couldn’t cross my legs or sit on my knees or run or anything, and I had physio every 2 day, but I remember how my father would wake me up in the morning and for about 20 minutes he would make me walk up and down the passage and do squats and cross my leg and I would cry so much from the pain but he would push me harder, and my mom would shout telling him to stop, but that would just egg him on. I think make now…because of his hard pushing and putting me putting me through that pain I can cross my legs, run, sit on my knees and stuff…I am stronger because of the pain he made me go through.

okay back to the clip…

Okay so I watched the clip and I don’t know how it relates to that quote.

October 20, 2021

@ncumisa – I guess the most relatable quote in that scene is the leadup to, “I don’t want my pain taken away, I NEED my pain!”  Otherwise…we wouldn’t be who we are today.

October 20, 2021

@tigerhawk – very true!! But pain sucks!! But it is how we learn!!