Day 28: Post 5 Things That Make You LoL


I have diagnosed myself as Lactose Intolerant. When ever I have had to much diary, my ass lets it out. I just go into hysterics when anyone lets it out, particularly me.


To this day I still binge watch Friends. I pretty much know every line, but I enjoy every episode, storyline and humorous scene as if it’s the 1st time I’ve watched it.

This is kinda hard. Having to pinpoint 5 things that make me life….I am generally a happy person, so I find myself laughing at just about anything…

Maybe I will make the next 3 points about something I found funny today…

Right now I am too fucking pissed off to look back at what makes me laugh…

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October 24, 2021

I’m absolutely crying with laughter here! You should have heard the fart I let out this morning! The way the duvet was flying it was poltergeist activity  and my poor hubby was blown through the window!

October 24, 2021

@iamawotsit – OH MY GOSH, you are so funny. After writing down  that ‘farts’ make me lol I did cringe a lil….but was like so what!! But it is comforting having someone express their bowl activities too 😉

October 27, 2021

@ncumisa  Happy to hear I made you laugh!