Feeling Appreciated…

Ever since the dawn of Covid-19, like many others my husband has been working from home. First it was just having to come to the office like twice a week, but since his office has been sold off he now works from home every day. Now the idea of that, is great, but I know I would go mad and would get lazy, I mean I did during the 1st year of covid-19. As much as I hate having to get up for work and then going to work, I just love being around people and see life happening around me. I mean humans are social people and only grow when in communities. With my husband working from home every day I have seen how it brings the atmosphere down…until recently (Tuesday) he would not change out of his pjs, or brush his teeth…

Anyway so today I took him to go and fetch his car from the workshop… and sometimes I think how I feel so used. It seems as if everything is expected to happen just because I will be there…


  • I am always the one making sure that it is topped up and the only time we will be without electricity is during load shedding – and I cannot control that.

Feel This Moment

  • Fridge is always full
  • Supper is always prepared or being ordered

There are just so many other things that I guess I just do without even thinking about it…feels like that is part of the female gene make up.

Anyway…after a while one does start to feel unappreciated. Everything is just laid onto my shoulders and somehow it all gets attended too, no matter how tired I may feel.

So this morning was a rush…




Then getting to work late and having all the men there ask you for what needs to be done and when Marketing Meeting was happening and for some odd reason, I am mean to have all the answers.

But something got sent to me…something my husband did for me…

Sunshine normal

And now all I can do it smile.

It is nice feeling a lil appreciated, no matter if the things you do are ordinary, expected, part of the job…


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3 weeks ago

Sunflowers! I love them too. 🌻

3 weeks ago

Don’t they just have a way in putting a smile of your face and immediately making you feel happy?