Feeling It!!

And so, the weight if slipping off…kinda hard to believe. But more than that I am just thinking about all the things I will feel comfortable doing….

With Summer

I know eventually I will be throwing out a lot of the clothes I have… I can just imagine it being able to walk right into any shop and pick up anything that I like and not have to walk out the shop because they don’t have my size.

And then I may be loving the beach this summer… of course I don’t see myself ever parading around in a bikini, but I look forward to wearing something like this….

Summer Beach Regular until my tiny ankles will be able to hold my body up in shoes like these…

I know I am not down to my goal weight, and I have a while to go still, but since I have been carrying almost 10kg less on my legs I have been feeling so good….

Sunny Summer and not round and puffy

Summer Vintage I am actually wearing dresses and not worrying about having to put on a felt to cut my body in half

Summer Break well sleeping has never been a problem, but I am not feeling so tired all the time.

I am so happy I actually did the op in the end!

When I my sister did it I remember her saying how Summer Vintage…I am kinda thinking the same thing, who knows I may be a mom by now…My grocery bill would be less. My depression may not be such an issue.

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