Get Organised: The Home Edit.

I just love that show, can’t wait for the 3rd season to come out on Netflix is going to start charging you $3 to share your password | iMore.

Now for ages I have been admiring their stuff online and at the home | Hyde Park Corner but always considered it to be a lil too pricey just to make stuff look neat and tidy.

Did some retail therapy yesterday and I splurged on a Welcome to The Home Edit and just packed it up.

Now this item is advertised as a ‘Fridge Drawer’ but I figured I would give it a different use.
Had the Bariatric Op last year and have to now take loads of pills. Up until now they were just lying about in my kitchen, before that in my dressing table…figured that they should be kept somewhere a lil more dedicated to it and hopefully will fill this drawer with some other meds too…

Tough Cookies Bold 97.2 kg

Today I wore jean shorts and spent most of the time holding them up whenever I was walking. I mean it is all great that clothes are too big now, but it does kinda suck not having many clothes to wear.

Besides all the loosing of weight, I have to be honest and say how good I am feeling. Feeling more energetic, happy and positive.

I am so glad I went ahead with having this operation, even though it was rather costly and have yet to receive my reimbursement for it from my medical aid, I know it was worth it!!



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March 18, 2023

I wish I could lose enough weight that my clothes were falling off me.  If I could just get motivated enough to make it happen.  Congrats to you 🙂

March 18, 2023

😘 Thank You!