Hopefully the Last One!

Today I am seeing a dietician. She is meant to get me on the right path before I meet with the Doc for the Orbera Balloon.

I really hope she will be the last Dietician I have to ever get to know.

Over the years, I have seen so many and…I guess my not following through with them is a lot their fault, but I would just like someone who could really set me on the right path and read my blood and read my body and get my eating habits.

All the past dieticians have all been about putting me on a meal plan which was just so expensive to maintain and was just filled with foods that I don’t really like and was never able to enjoy…and maybe I just also thought I new better, so I would tweak a few things.

Okay I sound like I am blaming them only, but I just don’t like the whole idea of eating in a way that if you slip once it is all over and you have to start again…or changing everything about the way you eat and live. I guess that is what being healthy and dieting is all about, particularly when you have lived a very unhealthy lifestyle.

This morning when I got to work, I didn’t even have to think for more than a ‘Card Tap’ when I purchased a chocolate croissant and hot chocolate for breakfast at Vida ‘e Cafe.

But I know it is possible to eat healthy… last night I made such a yummy dinner and even ate a salad with it. I used all low fat ingredients for my Chicken Curry and ate Sweet Potatoes instead of Regular Potatoes and limited the oil and used a Low GI wrap for the Chicken Curry Wrap. My husband even enjoyed the meal. And after supper when we were watching The UK Apprentice, I munched on grapes. So it is possible to be healthy and still enjoy your meals.

As much as I am looking forward to going to the dietician and starting a new way of life…I am not looking forward to seeing just how Morbidly Obese I am. Well I know the numbers already, but having to confront a stranger with this information and then these numbers being shared with my family one day, doesn’t really make me feel very confident.

I mean I weight 115.7 kg and my height is only 153 cm which means by BMI…49.4 (Obese) I am to weight about 57kg which means I need to loose 58.7 kg.

I joined an Obera Ballon Facebook Group and many of the people in the group are going on about loosing about 6kg a month. So 9 months and I could reach my goal weight! that is motivating. Of course it would be great if that could happen in a faster time period…but then again it would be even better if I never allowed myself to get to this point where I will be relying on being accepted to have a balloon inserted in me so I could loose weight. But hey I am here now so I just hope that all goes well.

So today is the dietician and then on the 9th of March it is the Orbera Surgeon.

This is my year and I am making things happen for me!! Freakshow


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February 22, 2022

Good luck with the surgery. Eating healthy is hard, but you can do it! 🙂 Where did you get the fancy font??

February 22, 2022

thank you @juliebear!

I copy and paste from a font website http://www.fontspace.com


February 22, 2022

@ncumisa TY!

February 22, 2022