I am Confused!

Okay so he got panicked from my reaction after eating and suffering some server stomach pain and so he asked me if he could have a few shots of Vodka.
I don’t recall replying…I mean why bother when I didn’t have the strength in me to react and he was gonna go ahead and have a shot or two…turns out he had half the bottle.

Sometime while I was sleeping, he cleaned up the flat. Didn’t hear anything when he cleaned up our room and I was dozed off…

Went to bed rather peeved on Saturday night but on Sunday he was his loving self. Continuously kissed me on my forehead and was very attentive.

I am so confused and don’t know what to do!

I mean of course I hate how things are when he has been drinking and how he turns to drinking to self-medicate, but there are times when he is a great person and so loving and just wonderful.

SIX IMPORTANT GUIDELINES IN LIFE: 1. When You are Alone, Mind Your  Thoughts. 2. When you


So maybe I should work on those 6 Guidelines to Life and just see what happens.


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1 week ago

It’s like being married to two completely different people.  You don’t want to deal with the one who drinks and acts wrong but you don’t want to lose the one that is sweet and acts right.  I understand.

1 week ago

It is exhausting. Today I have been dealing with the one with alcohol infused in him.