I am exhausted!!

not literally, I mean I did have a good sleep last night but woke up to wreak of vodka coming from my husband.

How much must you drink to have the smell just seep out of you?

He has left a bottle of vodka lying on the counter and I have been looking to see if the amount in there has been diminishing. But it hasn’t, and so I am taken back to a story my parents used to tell me and anyone who would listen about how my great aunt, who used to be a domestic worked for them long before I was born used to drink from my father’s vodka. He started picking up on this and so he after pouring himself a little he would use a pen to mark the amount he had left in the bottle. She must have caught on because she would top up the bottle with water after having her consumption. So when I look and see how the vodka in the bottle he left on the kitchen counter hasn’t decreased yet I know he has been drinking part of me wants to see if he has topped up the bottle with water. But a bigger part of me just wants him to die from too much alcohol consumption or for him to walk away from me, since I cannot seem to find the strength to kick him out of my flat for good.

Don’t know why I am so attached to him when in honest truth I know I am strong enough to do without him and live a life without him.

Tonight, I am having my niece and friends over for supper so yesterday I bought vodka and some spritzers….

my 3rd fav vodka brand…

Ultra Liquors - Goodwood - SKYY VODKA 750ML

Red Sqiare – Pink Ice Vodka

Red Square Pink Ice I Mothercity Liquor

The whole night I was worried I would come home from work and find that he had drank the vodka.

All this has tainted the fact that he bought me my fav flowers yesterday. Now I think he bought them to hide the fact that he was drinking and go make me just let it go because he was considerate when he bought himself alcohol and when he drank.


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