New Way…

So I got lost while driving to the dietician…but thankfully I was only a few minutes late and when I finally walked in she was so cheerful and happy, and immediately I wanted to become Momentum with her.

Our session started off with her telling me not to put myself down for being unhealthy or eating unhealthy and being lazy and wanting a quick take away meals etc..

I didn’t fully get what I wanted when I left her…blood test and body make up discussions and…I think I wanted her to hold my hand through all this.

But I walked out with a new out look on eating and planning and loosing weight without possibly having to have any surgical intervention. Even though she is pro the Balloon she told me that if I followed her eating guideline and changed my life a little that I could loose weight without even having to have the balloon. She told me how that if the surgeons and advisors see that I am not committed, they could insist on taking the balloon out., she also told me about falling pregnant with the balloon in…she said I should ask the Doc about that…but I know that if that should happen I will need to have the balloon removed…at least that is what I think!

So I have this new eating plan and it is possible. It is also something that I have done before and I have been told before. Now I just have to live up to it and make it work!

I will spend the rest of the week adjusting my fridge and cupboard and preparing for this weekend, for when I really get this going….purchase what I need…prepare it all.

We agreed that 3 times a week I will dedicate 30 minutes to walk. I live across the road from the Mouille Point Promenade…so it possible!!

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I can do this!



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