Oh My! Oh My!

Surprise Spring


Yesterday before I went home to prepare for the Model Pesach Seder I stopped at Toyota to see a car…a car that I just truly fell in love with!




  Housegrind Personal Use Only

 Housegrind Personal Use Only

Housegrind Personal Use Only

Screen has Maps, Whatever The Phone Has. Wi-Fi.




Housegrind Personal Use Only



I really want that car! I cannot stop talking about it! Looking at the pics I have! Dreaming about it! I want that car so badly.

Housegrind Personal Use Only

Housegrind Personal Use Only

  • Handbrake
  • Side Mirrors turn in when car is switched off!
  • You just need the KEY close by when unlocking and locking the car…
  • Automatic Air Con

It is just perfect!

Driving the demo of it was amazing. The Black one I want is Surprise Spring

Christmas Surprise


1. Roof runners active

  • I have actually put on some weight! So I really need to work on this!!

2. Wallflower

  • I am doing well with my Jewish Conversion Studies

3. Run Medium

  • Since my husband has been more disciplined and been working on himself, we have both been putting in a lot of time and effort in keeping the flat clean and working on bettering it.

4. Romantic Autumn

  • We are really showing more affection to each other and to ourselves.
  • We are talking
  • We are laughing
  • We are being the people that we were when we first fell in love with each other.
  • I am still not earing my wedding ring, but I have been wearing my late mother’s ring on my wedding finger. But I am looking forward to putting it back on one day!

5. News Board St

  • Yeah that is still a struggle

7. Bajaj Sans Regular

  • I have found the car that I want
  • Yesterday when I left the dealership, I signed a document where the seller would reserve it for me for a few days. So right now I gotta work on being able to purchase it

8. Party Rocky

  • Yip! That is happening

9. Party Time


10. Gemerald

  • At the end of this month I will be getting a raise!!
  • Before my KPI I mentioned how I would be happier with a raise and I got it…well it is affective from the next pay date!

Stylish Calligraphy Demo

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April 13, 2022

I want a new car so, so bad.  I thought it was going to happen at the beginning of the year but some other things came up that put it off…again.  I have driven the same vehicle for 15 years!!  I don’t even remember what it feels like to be in something new and nice and something I can be proud to be seen in.

April 14, 2022

I totally get that feeling. The car I have now I have had for lil over 11 years. When I go places and I see friends come out of their nice shiny cars, I get a lil embarrassed coming out of my old, scratched up car. I cannot say that I don’t know how it feels to be in something new, as I have test driven a few new cars and OH MY GOSH, it feels amazing. You know you should spoil yourself and do that too. No one has to know if you are serious  or not about buying the car, but go to the dealership, act as if you are really interested and take it for a spin.