Proud of Myself

I am so bad at taking meds…I constantly take myself off antidepressants… I kinda keep telling myself that I don’t need it and I can manage…especially when I am in a good place and mood…just to come crashing down and feel the worst kind of pain and depression and just hate life and everything else about me….which is kinda funny considering the generally theme for the last few entries…but since my last stint at the pent….(what we (me and husband) call it because the emotional clinic sure did feel like prison)…anyway I have vowed to take my anti deps and stay on them….

Now if I am being honest there have been times when I have neglected too…been lazy etc…but the reason why I am proud of myself is that the last few days I have taken them without needing to be reminded to with my alarm. Feel like I deserve a pat on my back… I am feeling chuffed!

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September 8, 2021

huge pat on your back! hugs.. you got this!

September 8, 2021

@wjpapa – Thank You! After being on and off Anti Depressants for 16 years…I am finally getting it right 😜