So Tempting…

Sticking to yours guns ain’t that easy. Normally whenever I feel that crave for the chocolate bar or slab, or am hungry and what I have isn’t very filling; if I have money I will just slip to the corner shop and buy some unhealthy food item. Fulfil that grave.

But now I need to loose the weight, keep it off and show those doctors I am ready for the Bariatric.

But owe how badly I just want that chocolate and packet of chips. I am not very hungry right now. I am bored at work, and you know boredom and idle hands call for junk!! But I am going to stand strong. I can do this!

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Hurry Cute But Hurry Cute is that Bariatric Op!

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September 9, 2022

Stay strong!!

September 9, 2022

Thanks, but I have caved since this post.