What The World Needs Now…Day 15 of Being Happy…

What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love
No not just for some, but for everyone

Just watched the a clip similar to the one, in the link, above. About a Prime Minister that really made a good change to his country. He speaks words that we all need to hear…and it is stuff that we all know but are just too busy dealing with our own lives and struggles to actually pass the love and actually care about each other. Just imagine where the world would be now if we all just took some time out of our own lives and spent it listening to our neighbour, grandparents, cleaner, professor, the child that doesn’t stop annoying you…doing those little things shouldn’t be recognised as a momentous occasion or something rare…it should be a norm.

Last week South Africa had the local elections. And reports show that many eligible South African’s didn’t vote…now that pisses me off. We all complain about how shit our mayor is and how shit our government is but what right do you have to complain about them, when you won’t get off your ASS and make a mark and demand change? I mean I know my vote is miniscule next to 58.4 million Adults…but at least I am doing my part to make the change. Well I know I am not doing enough…When you read and watch clips of all the work (late) Princess Diana, The Dalai Llama, Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, Greta Thumberg, Nelson Mandela and Malala and so many other amazing philanthropist have done, you do kinda feel small and so selfish…well at least that is how I feel…yet I don’t feel like I am making a big enough effort.

I remember in High School when I was in Grade 10 how we had to get into groups and each group had to find a charity, learn more about it and give up some of our own time, out of school, to assist. My friends and I found this home for street boys….The Homestead (that is what it was called back then, in like 2002) and basically it is all these boys that have no home or parents…mainly Coloured (mix race) and Black…until they are about 18 they can live there. I cannot remember how the government assisted them etc. Anyway…my friends and I went there and spent the day with the boys…I think we arranged for food to be sponsored for the day and we just chatted with them and tried to learn more. I remember 1 boy telling us how some of them chose to be there as their home life was just filled with gangsters and drugs…another one told us how he just goes there to sleep but will sneak out so he can beg for money at the robots and work with gangsters…I can’t remember all the stories but know they were scary…whenever I drive past the house they used to be at; I think of them. My friends and I felt so moved by their stories, we decided to put together any money we had and could get from our parents…and we donated it to them, we also used our own money to by coke and chips and hot dogs and one Saturday we went there and we played soccer with the boys, in the street, and we just had lots of fun. Kinda sucks that I never went back there…or continued to try and make a change in someone else’s life.

Today I made the effort to look good

  • Make-up
  • Hair Style
  • Nice Outfit

listened to a few Hebrew Worship songs…. Mizmor L’DavidAdon Olam…Just Right Now…. of course I sang along too…thankfully no one was in the office yet to hear by voice…

I am feeling good. Still haven’t quote hit all the items on my agenda but I am being happy and working on what I can.

Something not so happy…yesterday, my husband fetches me from work…as I get into the car and he says ‘Hi‘ . As per usual I know right away…he had 2 shots at work. I just brushed it off as I am not going to let myself get upset about that! He spent the night talking to his dad for like hours…and I don’t know what was spoken and stuff…but apparently a lot.

But today is Friday…The The Power of the Sun | Earth Rangers: Where kids go to save animals! is shining…I am smiling….




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November 12, 2021

Yes, we need more love. And that was good of you to spend time with the boys. 🙂 And yay for Fridays!!!

November 12, 2021

@juliebear – Thanks! It was lots of fun hanging out with them.

November 12, 2021