When you love someone

Every now and then I stumble on a phrase that just makes get the feels and, makes me question myself and everything that I have been feeling…

When you love someone, don’t you love their flaws too…

We all make mistakes and we all fuck up and sometimes make wrong choices…but shouldn’t a person be forgiven for that, when you love them?

Obviously they should admit their error and want to repent for their errors…but as a person too, I should be able to forgive that…

I mean of course after forgiving and forgiving, you sometimes just get tired of it, particularly when the person keeps doing the same thing and has excuses for it… but then again, when you love someone…when is enough, enough? Do you ever reach that point when you love someone…



When you love someone
You’ll do anything
You’ll do all the crazy things
That you can’t explain
You’ll shoot the moon
Put out the sun
When you love someone
You’ll deny the truth
Believe a lie
There’ll be times that you’ll believe
That you could really fly
But your lonely nights
Have just begun
When you love someone
When you love someone
You’ll feel it deep inside
And nothin’ else
Could ever change your mind
When you want someone
When you need someone
When you love someone
When you love someone
You’ll sacrifice
Give it everything you got
And you won’t think twice
You’d risk it all
No matter what may come
When you love someone, yeah
You’ll shoot the moon
Put out the sun
When you love someone
I love my husband.
I picture my life with him. I have been doing that even when we were doing long distance at the very start of our relationship.
Bryan Adams is not being very optimistic… but I get the whole denying the truth and believing of lies… at the end of the day, isn’t that what I have been doing over and over again for the past 6 years?
I would believe him when he says that he can drink and he can handle it and knows his limits….but then, just like Bryan Adams says my nights become lonely and the tears become many.
I often think about faking a pregnancy…just to get him to see things my way and for him to prioritise us properly…but then I laugh, at how ridiculous that would be and how wrong it would be….I would also be kinda jinxing myself, if I did that.
This Covid Saga really sucks…I mean besides the deaths and sickness…it is keeping me away from volunteering to help out in a home for babies waiting to be adopted and taken home. I often see pictures of babies and just wish I could have on. Being wrapped in those baby arms and surrounded by baby smells…just those daydreams makes me smile. I ask G-d what did I ever do, to be denied this privilege of having a baby and giving my all to love and raise them. But it is wrong to think that G-d would do anything hurtful.
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September 3, 2021

This is just my take, but if someone repeatedly makes choices that are detrimental/abusive to others and hurts others and makes no moves to change their behavior–they are not really sorry, and, thusly have done nothing to EARN forgiveness.  I loved my husband dearly, but he was a drug addict who could be emotionally abusive…. He also was escalating in behavior while high that led me to believe he might eventually hurt me. I walked away. I still loved him and honestly I do still miss him (he was murdered last year), but there is a limit to how much bullshit we can and should take. Doesn’t mean we don’t love or didn’t love…. Just means we prioritize our own well being which isn’t a bad thing.

Please understand, I’m not speaking from a place of judgment… Just giving a view to another side.

September 3, 2021

@thecriticsdarling – I do not have any negative feelings toward you. I am sorry about your loss and I applaud your strength.

I just keep hoping and believing all he says… And I know he is trying but fails to stay strong and he just goes by excuses and makes me believe that he can handle it all. Aah…this is so hard, because even though we haven’t actually made up or resolved anything, we are on speaking terms and kinda moving on and acting as if nothing was wrong…but in the back of my head I am still feeling the pain and telling myself that we need to resolve things.

September 3, 2021

You are doing all you can, and all you should.  This ball is entirely in his court.  As you’ve said, he makes excuses and promises to change but never does…at what point do the lies outweigh the truth…?

September 3, 2021


September 4, 2021

All good questions.  No ready answers.  I love that you have support (in what I barely read about you.)  Use that support for sure.  Also OD is a great place to say those things you need to vent about without judgement.  Welcome!