Sometimes life just gets in the way. No seriously all the dross of paying bills, travelling to the office and so on all gets in the way of enjoying life. Don’t get me wrong each of those can bring pleasure but somehow for me it is just leaving me full of tiredness and exhaustion. Maybe I need a break, maybe I need to win the lottery but then even that could get tedious. I m looking forward to a break later in the year to somewhere hot and where the only thing I need to do is seat or lie, decide what to eat and what to drink. I make no apology for having a fly and flop holiday – sometimes it just recharges the batteries. normally I like to at least have a look at local life, meet local people outside of the holiday venue but this time none of that. Hopefully I will avoid the drunk noisy Brits, the over loud Americans and the just as bad Canadians! Somehow I think it may be a bit of a reach.

So what happens at work between now and then? Well I get the delights of upgrading from Windows XP/2000, I said the IT was old, to Win10 and from Office 2003 – that may be a version too late – to Office 365. And yes that does mean a move from Lotus Notes to Outlook…now do you believe me lol

D1 has now decided to move away with her 3 to move in with some guy she says she is engaged to – about 2 1/2 hours drive away on a good day. At some stage one has to let them go but somehow she has failed to stop being naive in her 34 years. It always falls back to us as parents to help bail her out. I said tough love from years ago but was ignored and put down, the same for her kids so now she has 3 kids that rule the roost, still at school, and have little discipline and still no one will accept that maybe I was right. Too late now but still no-one will accept that maybe I had an approach that would have worked. Oh well – a messiah not recognised lol

I have a new mini-stereo which is great except that these days it appears they don’t always come with a headphone socket and in this case will only bluetooth for streaming. Now I need to workout how to make one to sit outside of the system and let me use my old wired headphones – maybe I will or maybe I won’t find a way but if I do…happy boy.

The latest weather report from the UK is that the weather has broken and it has cooled and there is much needed rain. The summer has likely cost farmers a lump of their crops and maybe will in time mean prices going up for meat as they buy in winter feed for the winter! However the sun and hot weather is due to return and last through until October – and my guess is we will get a rough winter. But who knows, at least we will have something to talk about!

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August 12, 2018

We all deserve a little vacation from work.

You mentioned the UK. I’m assuming you live there? I know of someone who lives in Germany. A few weeks ago they posted on Facebook about a drought in part of Germany. Where I live, we’ve had a lot of rain, more than usual. It’s finally getting to normal here (hot and no rain).

August 12, 2018

@serenadeoliver hi thanks for dropping in. Yes I live in England near to Wales. The weather has been silly hot approaching 35 Celsius with no rain for weeks. Now it is going back to normal…windy rainy and around 20. We will always moan though lol

August 12, 2018

@neil Ha. I had to figure out the temps. I’m an American. Where I live about 30 degrees Celsius is normal. Temps here have been about normal, not much hotter.

August 13, 2018

@serenadeoliver hi I did use to try and show the temps in both but got tir3d of converting things. Not good eh? 30C is about 86 F and I guess there are plenty if places that would love to cool down to that lol still too hot if unprepared or not used to it though.

Ta for dropping by

August 13, 2018

I hope the time until your vacation passes quickly.

August 13, 2018

Enjoy your break from work we all need that from time to time 🙂