That time of year

It has been a long time since I wrote and while I miss it I jst haven’t been bothered to switch on tech and see wht I can see or ply or read. Sometimes it just gets like that.

I am not a lover of Christmas for all the excesses that have become part of the celebration – whether it be Christian, mother earth celebration of the solstice, or Roman God mithras (remarkably similar to the christian celebration) take your pick – the excess spending and false bon hommie. I may be out of step but it seems to have become a celebration of spending more and buying more of stuff that isn’t really needed.

For some it is a bad time of year, a colleague lost his mother on Christmas day, my son-in-law his mother on New Years’ day, and they wish to have quietness rather than the celebration of excess.

By all means enjoy your time as you will but please don’t think that everyone should celebrate the same way.

Bsh humbug – well maybe but the time to spend with family and small gifts of meaning – eg something handmade can be just as glorious a celebration that mounds and mounds of presents, mounds of food and lakes of drink – can be every bit as heartfelt and enjoyable and indeed less stressful.

What i will say to all who still read my journal is enjoy the time of year according to your wishes…I will be quiet and reflect on a difficult year.

Friends enjoy what is known as Christmas

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December 23, 2018

I think everyone should celebrate how they see fit. I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful, quiet holiday.

December 25, 2018

I wish I could disagree with you but it has definitely become a consumer holiday, homemade and heartfelt gifts don’t seem to be appreciated anymore, sadly,

it is also not my favorite time of year either, I hope it goes by quickly and quietly for you,


December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas, I hope you were able to reflect & find some enjoyment in the day. Here’s to a new year! May yours be filled w/ happier times.