Janruary 2018


Here we are again. Staring at the screen again.  lololol

My child is now almost 13 years old and has discovered x box and kindle and mobile phones.

Also there is a new addition to this household!! D is an all black boisterous kitten at just 9 months old the little one has  already torn mail to shreds, ripped up and bitten the ends of all cables and anything else she finds. She really is like a rabbit. She just jumps round the place playing and when she runs she makes these funny noises, like tiny roars.

She is currently sat in the window working out how to get her paws and claws on the stack of last years papers that I now have to guard with my life. Our much older cat has taken to straying a lot more now and we hardly see her.

In keeping with the theme this Open Diary was intended for many years ago ( lololol ha ha ha ) ill update on the old junk in the trunk situation….😁

I am 5ft 7ch in height..

made it all the way down to 15st 3 lbs.. from 18st.. 8lbs

After being hospitalised 2 in the last few years for (gall bladder removal and also giant cycst in my abdomen) I am now currently at 18st 2 lbs … again…

yeah… so .. now we are all caught up….


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