Ah, the total hypocrisy of Facebook

I’ve been off Facebook for so long that I forgot the awesome hypocrisy of some people. Oh sure, people mature as they get older, but “I remember when”.

One of the “posts” I love is “my kid is being bullied, why isn’t the school doing anything? These kids’ parents are terrible at raising a good kid”. This is coming from a woman who in school was the biggest bully and, I’m sorry, bitch. She was merciless in her actions and would constantly be in fights and such. Between us, her kids are kind of the same, but the one time a kid stood up for themself or gave back the same stuff they had been constantly taking, look out. She now is the biggest morally blessed person in the world. Just makes me laugh.

Another thing that humors me is how people who treated me pretty shitty when I went to school are sending me friend requests and messages about how cool and funny I was back then. They even have stories I remember very differently. I mean, I’ll take their “memories” and go with them, honestly I am pretty sick of my memories of the past. I’m just trying to forget about most things that have happened before today at this moment anyway.

Of course, there is the opposite of that too. The heathens I remember partying with that every other word out of their mouths was a swear are now “born again” and not ashamed to push it on anyone who may say or post something “off-color”. Yes, my humor is better suited for life pre-1990 and I am really working on it, but honestly, a lot of people go way out of their way to find and take offense in every verb, noun, and adjective in any phrase you say nowadays.


So, yeah, I’m back in the upside-down world of FaceBook again…

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2 weeks ago

I hate FB LOL. So much drama and bad for my mental health. I have a FB but don’t go in it much.

Sometimes I do miss it though. But not enough to be active on FB again


2 weeks ago

@anhmymuminah Well shoot me a friend request and we can talk in a more secure method than here. That way I can really flirt with you… 😜

2 weeks ago

FB is evil.  I have an account but I’m not on it much…

2 weeks ago

@strawberryjelly Well like I said, we could always start a private group and get to know each other without worrying some creepy OD troll will read. Me,

6 days ago

@newt316 private group?

2 weeks ago

The funny thing to me is all the over edited pictures.  I see people on there that I’ve recently seen IRL and they look nothing like their pictures.  I hate that.  Just age gracefully.

2 weeks ago

@happyathome Well, I do have a fake tan in my profile pic, or else the light glow off my totally pale skin would cause the picture to be nothing but whiteness… 🤓