Ok. I’m going to use an example that may hit a nerve, but it’s how I have felt for the last year.

Say you get cancer, something that could possibly be cured but still it’s fucking cancer.

Now, as you sit there with you diagnoses and everyone knows, but first the Doctors say “sorry nothing we can do” and your tight knit group of family and friends just through up their hands and say ” well that’s that” and they move on with their lives without a word of concern or encouragement.

Wouldn’t you be pissed? Depressed? Alone?

That’s what this separation has been for me. From day one no one has came around or stood up for me or stood by me. Everything I cared for, loved, collected, and owned along with dreams, Hope’s, and plans were gone in a 5 minute conversation.

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February 13, 2020

I totally get this. I experienced a huge loss 5 years ago. Everything I worked hard for 10 years to achieve was gone in the blink of an eye and people who I thought were my close friends helped it happen and even worked against me to make it happen. Snap it was gone. So sorry you are feeling this way. Hugs

February 13, 2020

This doesn’t hit a nerve w/me, but it does hit home, because that’s exactly what I saw happen to my Mom when she got that diagnosis. Lifetime friends just magically faded away and not so slowly… so, I understand exactly what you’re feeling. The one thing that you have to remember (and it’s not easy to put into practice, but it is the best thing to) is that you cannot and should not, ever, give the power to ANYone over your days or your feelings. Particularly if those someones showed interest in tearing you down instead of building you up. They are not worth the time, effort or feelings. YOU, on the other hand, are worth all of it.